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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
01 August 2005 @ 04:03 pm
Come Party it up with Everybody at my main man Ryan Conary's House TUesday Nite.

prefromances by
-THE FINAL SACRIFICE - video game rock n roll
-EYE 9 - insane rap

There will be a swimming pool, 2 big screen TVs(for movies or HALO torney maybe), Badass BBQ, ICe cream, Pool Table, shit loads of stuff i can't even think of. His house is huge and AWESOME.

Party starts around 5 and bands play around 7.
His house is located at 24 Colonial Way in Exeter.
Its in the Marshal Farms Developemet near Brickyard Pond.
Call me or him for info or if your interested so we know how much food to buy.
Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
12 July 2005 @ 01:15 am
i regret to inform you that xlotr_kid_04x has died. all his community management has been passed on to a band of three. if you were any bit interested in the misadventures of xlotr_kid_04x then you might want to check them out. _baruceisbackup goodbye goodluck and godspeed fellow companions.
Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
03 July 2005 @ 01:21 am
As i opened my LJ friends page, a disguesting image clouded the screen. a screen shot of my mortal enemy reaching the pinnicle of this game. CONGRADULATIONS WAAPAH!!! i cant wait to be lvl 60 and get an epic mount and armor sets... enough about world of warcraft. As you all know i broke my arm. Having a cast sucks. i cant swim, it hard to do most things includeed typing this. i should be getting a new cast which only covers the wrist in about 3 weeks. since last update i have seen some good movies in theaters (batman, old boy, war of the worlds) and accumbulated many more records for my vinyl collection from eBay and bullmoose. today i met up with lisa and tim at janis beach and had a smashin time even with 3 hours of sleep. then i headed home got some wow/ebay searching in. afterwards i got ice cream but then getting ice cream turned into going up and down the NH and Maine coast taking pictures of sea fairy houses and super artistic sculptures amde of beach trash with heidi. then we went back up and down the coast going to fort after fort looking for the right one, where when we found it, we broke in by jumping a fence and crawling underneth the other one. these old rundown military facilaties are so sketchy. totally radical. tomorrow is work from 10-3. EDIT: I HAVE JULY 4TH OFF. i think tuesday morning/afternoon i will goto peaks island for a few days. none shall know when i return.

sincerly the spitak
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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
09 June 2005 @ 10:31 pm
skateboarding lots of fun, breaking your arm near the wrist not so fun. skateboarding and swimming after you broke your arm. pruceless.
Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
28 May 2005 @ 11:51 pm
so summertime has come around. last summer was spectacular and i am hopeful this summer will be none the lesser. many NHANTISCENE missions, bad enough dudes 2, manowar/rhapsody, some hiking and camping if anyone else is interested, ropeswing, campfires, fake-skateboarding/thrashing.

this summer job outlook looks good considering i am working right now at the loaf and ladle, a luxury i didnt have last summer.

still dont have a girlfriend. felt like i had one for the past couple of months. she was the coolest gal ever and had some of the funnest times with her but things happen for dumb reasons and cause too much drama and pain for me so never went official. i am sad to hear shes sad but hey its not like i was put through anything. suck it up, move on, and stay positive. i think i am going to try and fly solo this summer. theres girls i like but i dont even know why i like them or how i should approach my pridicament that i am in. i feel as though i'd still like to hang out with them but trying to go for any type of romance would be a bad idea. whatever they got cooties anyways and are made of whipped cream, lexmark injet printers and blue ghosts.

spence is going to kill me when he reads this. today i went to a yard sale and got a turntable plus amp, pre-amp, radio tuner, cassette deck, all for $5 beat that. jsut tryed it out and works perfectly. ahhaha jokes on you asshole. b/c i got a turntable mega cheap and you didnt.
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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
16 May 2005 @ 04:06 pm
saturday - birthday party was pretty sweet. thnaks to all who came. revenge of the nerds OMG one the best movies ever.

SunDay - work(morning shift) with spence and tim adn sklig. fun times as always. i counldn't really talk about world of wartcraft as much since mel wasnt there. so instead me and spence made "HOLY DIVERS!!!" WHICH are fluffsicles. we are basically experimenting with the many awesome applications of fluff. afterwork i went with lisa to mall/walmart real quick then back to marcos pizza for her interview. they have really delicious chicken fingers and a tv that was playing Smallville. also the guy who in charge is marco and he also had his hair cut recently just like me. met back up with spence and alex and jake at movie scene and watched haack, king of techno and princess mononoke in the kids area/ drove my scooter around and jousted ppl down the isles with lockbars. that brings us to mindite.

Monday(12:01am) - movie scene closes and we head to jakes with the addition of dan st for a gamre of risk. game ended at 4:45am. i had actually one. mostly i controlled north america, alex south america, jake africa, dan st austraia/japan, and spnecer china and some other asia contries. well that was untill i took alex out of the game and so gained south america and countries in northern europe. dan st kill off spencer and took controll of all of asia. jakes turn. he got 60 troops and could have pretty much taken me out. but instead he has his forces waste away dan's nearby army thne he takes south america form me. my turn. my eskimo warriors from alaska invade and capture all of asia(minus india and the middle east), eastern europe, and austraila. my mexican forces take back south america. my main force all moves to iceland for the final push. jake then pleads with me to take jeruslem before dan st's suicide robot army destroy him. screw that. i let dan take it next turn. then i battle it out with dan with all my armies and i win. a glorious victory party is help in our holy city of TIBERIA.

Monday(4:45am) - leave gobbi residence and drive ppl back to movie scene in the morning rain to get there cars. alex does a super exagerated riduclous impersonation of jake the whoile way home and we were all crying of laughter and peeing ourselves. i copund;nt even drive it was so funny.

monday(5:00am) - lupin the 3rd

monday(5:30am) - sleep for 11 hours.
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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
14 May 2005 @ 12:11 pm
W99T I MEAN w00t. i am the nineteen. i can totally still buy tobacco product and adult films and paraphanalia.

I still have to work. Tim said he'd work for me b/c he iz awesome but i need moneys. so either come visit or meet up and come to the friendly toast around 9 or 10.

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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
16 April 2005 @ 01:21 am
tonite was fun. played risk and at one point in time, i owned a north & south ameriace, europe, and africa. i got like 21 troops every turn. but the game was intreuped by n00bs. sklig, jenna, mel, maziee, kerrin(gypsy no less). then we watched a cop change a babys diaper on COPS, then parts of fugitove with a very bearded han solo. then up to the toast. jenna is a maniac driver and i will never set a foot in her car. afterwards we split up, some went to UNh while otheres like myself went to bull moose and exeter. after i dropped mel off. i drove afround with lisa and we talked, so the drama is all over and i am sorry to everyone especially her, if i was an asshole or anything. then we rented bottle rocket by wes anderson and got white chocolate covered pretzels, but have yet to finish either.

work 2moro at 5.
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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
09 April 2005 @ 01:42 am
today was pretty fun. i watched the history channel from 7am til about 1pm as they explored secret passages in castles and stuff. very cool. then world of warcraft. forgot about piano lesson (that sucked). went to UNH picked up ricker and ryan. and in doing so had to navigate ryans prison/maze like dorm. back to the jakes. a very risk night. ryan and i had an alliance. i owned south america with ryan owning northamerica and alex with africa. ricker had austraila and made apityful attempt to take me down with his indonisian/mongolian militia. but my Tiberian FOrtress(kahuzuks[next to kamchaca]) was too immpossible a task and his army was annialated. i basically built up there the whole game then went suicide squad on jake and while i wipe him out i divided and thined his forces to a point where he was quickly eleminted by one of the following players. Alex took most of the world and ricker allmost had him but then could not crush the black afro aids-infected army of alex. and optimus prime rained supreme. then i drove them back to UNH and to get som dhop pizza. as i pull in two hot chicks that were semi intoxicated asked if i would be so kind as to drive them to the durham police station so they could bail there friend out. me being the kind lad and noble paladin that i thrive to be took this quest upon myself. we went to the wrong police station but found the right one a little ways away. quest completed. rewards: the hot one, by the name of jess, gave me her number and said next time i am up to UNH, she'll buy me pizza. but i am too much of a pussy and probably wont call. and i guess lisa is mad at me again. guess we should talk. whatever jsut tell me when.
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Mark Maximus Christopher Glowacky
07 April 2005 @ 01:25 pm
anyone who ever goes to see hella will not be let down. they are definatley one of the best best live act out there, the show was so much more better then the lightning bolt show. and hella was only good band becasue the opening band sucked really bad. and the closing band out hud (!!! - sideproject) was ok. they were no where near impressive as hella but definatly some good dance party music. work at 5 come vist, i'll try and sneeak some soup to ya.
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